Directions from Hartford-area to Seasons on Mt. Snow (West Dover, VT)

We are located at  Seasons on Mt. Snow, a condominium development on Handle Road in West Dover, Vermont, at the base of Mt. Snow, between Carinthia and the main ski area.  Our condo unit is T-16.

Any problems,  call us at our condo, 802-464-5983.  If no one answers there, try calling the Seasons' SportsCenter, 802-464-5991, or the Seasons' Management Office, 802-464-3640 (latter, during regular business hours only).  


From Hartford, head north on Route I-91 -- if it's rush hour, you may want to use Route 5 up through East Hartford and South Windsor, getting on I-91 above Windsor Locks area.  This access to I-91 is well marked.  (Since HOV lane has been added to I-91, using Route 5 is rarely necessary.)

When you are near the Massachusetts-Vermont border, decide if you want to use the slightly shorter route to Mt. Snow via Route 2 in Massachusetts and the Shelburne-Colrain cut-off (see “Recommended-alternate-route” directions below)


if you prefer remaining on I-91 as far north as Brattleboro, Vermont. 

If you do continue on I-91 to Brattleboro, take the exit for Route 9 West.  After getting on Route 9, you will go approximately 18 miles from Brattleboro to Wilmington.  Route 9 joins Route 100 in Wilmington, Vermont.

*See below for directions from Wilmington to Mt. Snow.


If the weather is reasonably good and you do not mind taking "back roads", the following route will save you about one-half hour--

            Take I-91 north as far as Exit 26 (Greenfield) for the Mohawk Trail (Route 2 west).

At the bottom of the exit ramp, go 3/4 around the circle and head west on Route 2. (You will see a Friendly's and MacDonald's on your left and a gas station and supermarket on your right.) 

Follow Route 2 west for about 3 1/2 miles until, if it is light outside, you can see a parking lot with small shop on the right now called StrawberryField.  Turn right just after that little building-parking lot. You may be able to see a small green sign with an arrow pointing to the right indicating this is the Colrain-Shelburne Road.  There is also a sign indicating you should turn right with Mohawk Orchards on it. 

            This is the Shelburne -Colrain shortcut.  This road is bumpy for a mile or two; go carefully.  Soon after that, the name of the road becomes Greenfield Rd.

  Follow this road through Colrain; it is about 5.1 miles from Route 2 to the center of Colrain.  Most distinctive features of Colrain are a church with a blue roof and a very aggressive police force--STICK CLOSELY TO THEIR 20 MPH SPEED LIMIT WHILE HEADING DOWN INTO AND THROUGH THIS LITTLE TOWN.  In the center of Colrain, the Shelburne-Colrain cut-off intersects with Route 112 north.  Follow 112 north.  (When you go over the one-lane bridge with stop-light, a new feature of this shortcut, you are about one-half hour from West Dover in normal weather.)  Soon after this you will enter Vermont.   Once again be careful about speed when approaching Jacksonville, where there is a policeman who probably trained in Colrain.

            In Jacksonville, at the stop sign, Route 112 north runs into Route 100 north which you will follow all the way to Mt. Snow.   Just after the stop sign in Jacksonville the road makes a 90 degree turn to the left and continues on toward Wilmington.


*  Just before Wilmington, Route 100 North joins Route 9; these two roads continue together for about a mile into the center of the town of Wilmington.  Turn right at the light, staying on Route 100 north.  (Route 9 West goes through the center of Wilmington, then on through southern Vermont to Bennington and beyond.)

            Continue on Route 100 North through the small village of West Dover. Just before the Mt. Snow ski area, turn LEFT onto Tannery Road.  (If you pass the Alpine Ski Shop on your right, you have passed the left turn for Tannery Road.)  After about 1/2 mile on Tannery Road you will turn right onto Handle Road.  You will pass the Carinthia Ski area on your left and soon after should see a small pond and a sign on your left for SEASONS ON MT. SNOW.

            Turn left into Seasons Road.  Take fourth right for Townhouse Village--the 1st right is into the small parking lot for the Seasons Sales Office--a little old white farmhouse; the 2nd right is for the Seasons on Mt. Snow COA SportsCenter; the 3rd right is for SportsCenter Village Way, parking area for a group of four large apartment-style condo buildings; the 4th right is for our area.  After turning into townhouse parking area, go past the first two sets of townhouses, one on your right & one on your left, then continue over to the next building on your right, a duplex.  Our condo is in that duplex and is the townhouse on the right, T-16, as you face the duplex.


            If you arrive early in the day and we are out skiing, you may want to rent skis.    Mt. Snow has ski rentals, but it may be easier to drive to the Alpine Trader on Route 100, just north of the intersection with Tannery Road.  This year, our SportsCenter is supposed to be selling ski lift tickets for Mt. Snow-Haystack; check there if you are anxious to get tickets.  SportsCenter ticket sellers can accept checks from owners only and do not accept credit cards at all.  If you do not want to use up your cash, wait until we are back; give us a check for cash to use paying them, or go elsewhere to purchase tickets.. 


            If you are interested in cross-country skiing, you can check at the Hermitage on Handle Road.  To get there from Seasons, you can take a right onto Handle Road, when you come to the stop sign at Tannery and Handle, go straight continuing on Handle Rd.  After about a mile you will see the Hermitage Inn on your right.  If you reach the Haystack ski area you have gone too far.  White House in Wilmington allows people to demo snowshoes, which might be fun for someone who not interest in skiing.


            If you do not need to rent skis, you can go down to the SportsCenter to swim in the pool--just tell them you are guests of the Klocks in T-16; we have arranged to have coupons for our guests at the desk.  Also at the SportsCenter, you can get a parking permit at the desk which you should display on your dashboard while here so they will not be tempted to tow your car away.




            BEFORE YOU COME--





If you would like to get directions to Mt. Snow from your locale which are available from the mountain, call their Vacation Services number, 1-800-245-SNOW (7669).  I have been assured someone will answer who will be glad to give you directions.


Weather Forecast, should you want it — call

Mt. Snow (802-464-4131)

To check road conditions coming up on I-91 — call

1-800-ICY- ROADS

Imagine, a traffic jam in rural Vermont:

---------------------------------------------------really important when you leave Mount Snow for points South ----

If you are returning to a spot south, east or west of Wilmington at the end of the day, at the end of the weekend, etc., be sure to avoid the Route 100 – Route 9 intersection in the center of Wilmington.  You can do this by taking Handle Rd. only to the Mann Road cut-off just after Haystack.  Turn right there.  When you come to a stop sign, bear slightly to the left rather than following signs bearing right to Route 9, you will arrive just west of the Wilmington Route 100 Route 9 intersection, at a stop sign, and you will not be in a half-mile car jam.




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